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Welcome to our website

Easington Kamishin Kai Karate Club mentors its students in the art of Shotokan Karate. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Easington Colliery Primary school, 5:30pm to 7:00pm (carrying on till 7:30 for senior grades). We work with most ages starting from 5 years and only costs £1.50 per person, per session (first session is free!), everyone is welcome to come along even if its just to watch. Our Chief instructor Sensei Denis Routledge 4th dan renshi (accomplished instructor) has been training in karate for over 35 years.

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Our club is affiliated to the Isle of Man Karate and Kobudo Federation which anually holds a national open tournament (at Easter) which is hosted in turn by various clubs around the U.K. At the tournament junior and senior karateka can choose to compete in Kata (basic and advanced forms), Kumite (light contact sparing), Kobudo (weapons kata) and Goshinbudo (locks and throws). The federation and tournament is open style making some of the martial arts demonstrated very interesting.

and finally hi to our regulars -  Damon, Joe, Kieron and paul, keep up the hard work and good luck on your up-coming grading :).